dehydrated mixed vegetables in a mason jar

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Can you freeze dry dehydrated foods?

I see this question so frequently that I wanted to share some thoughts.

Let’s break this down.

Dehydration extracts water from an item.

When DEHYDRATING mixed veggies water is extracted (pulled out and removed) using heat, if you were to freeze dry your already dehydrated mixed vegetables, what little water is remaining will cause your mixed vegetables to become rock hard.

Dehydration does not remove ALL water from your item. Where as freeze drying removes (roughly) 97% of the water from your food making it much more shelf stable AND preserving for longer.

Here’s what dehydrated mixed vegetables look like:

dehydrated mixed vegetables in a small mason jar

I would advise you to initially pick one method of preservation.

Freeze dry mixed vegetables

Here is what freeze dried mixed vegetables look like:

But to combine the two preserving methods isn’t necessary.

Which preserving method should you choose?

Here’s what might be more helpful instead:
When you’re trying to determine WHICH method of preserving take into consideration HOW you will use your mixed vegetables.

If you’re merely snacking on mixed vegetables, what’s your crunch preference? Do you like a Cheeto like crunch? Then freeze dry! If you like a hard kettle chip? Dehydrate them.

Adding to soups or stews? Either method is perfect!

Pantry longevity! This might be where you truly make your determination.

When stored properly freeze dried mixed vegetables have an incredibly long shelf life, 10+ years.

Dehydration is much shorter. We’re talking 3-5 years.

If you’re short on processing time, dehydration is quicker roughly 12 hours.

Freeze drying is approximately double.

Which method will you choose?
I prefer freeze dried!

EQUIPMENT USED: medium harvest right freeze drier

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