Pile of whole wheat sourdough tortillas

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I love a good tortilla! I could live off of tacos. And the only thing better, making them gut friendly by using a long fermented method and using organic whole wheat flour

Big Batch Long Fermented Whole Wheat Sourdough Tortillas
Makes 4 Dozen

900g all purpose flour (my choice central milling flour)
345g whole wheat flour (my choice central milling flour)
20g salt (my choice redmond real salt)
226g fat: butter or lard (my choice lard)
320g active sourdough starter
720g water

Begin by mixing your dry ingredients together
Add in your fat of choice and just like you would for a pie crust, you want to mix the fat in so that your flour and fat look like pea sized pieces.
Make a well and to the center of your well, pour in your water and sourdough starter
You can either mix by hand or use a dough hook to mix up. Mix until well combined and let rest 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, stretch and fold.
Repeat this step three more times
Cover and place into the fridge for 48 hours.
You’ll want to BURP the lid to remove the gasses from fermentation (this is really just to check to make sure your dough is rising and prevent the lid from exploding 😂) after 24 hours I did press down to deflate the dough

Now comes the fun part!
After 48 hours, turn your bowl over, divide the dough into quarters. Working one quarter at a time press the dough into an approximate 12”x6” (or just measure two hand-widths) divide the dough in half (now the dough will be 12”x3”) and portion each piece into 6…now you have 12 pieces! Repeat with the remaining 3 quarter pieces

To keep my dough at a long fermented, no added flour state, I choose to roll my tortillas in rice flour.

You can use a tortilla press or parchment. I’ve not had great success with parchment and I don’t have a press. So hand rolling it is!

I personally do not care if these are perfectly round. The misshapen tortillas or imperfections only add to the artisan and hand crafted state.

Make sure you have a skillet warming (medium heat) and begin to “fry” off your tortillas. Approximately 30 seconds per side.

Key things to watch for bubbles forming on your dough then when you flip, you’ll notice the tortillas PUFF in the center.

Also, make sure you have a well ventilated area.

If you choose to use rice flour, it may burn off a bit which adds to the flavor of the tortillas BUT it can get Smokey and well smoke alarms going off is annoying.

My husband loves the sourdough naan I make, but he absolutely LOVED this whole wheat tortilla and said it was the BEST one I’ve created!! That’s high practice from him.

To store, I portioned into 3 storage bags with 12 tortillas per bag for the freezer. 2 storage bags had 6 per because we were giving 6 to some friends and kept 6 for the fridge. 

To defrost, just place the bag from the freezer into the fridge. They thaw relatively quickly.


Do you still need a sourdough starter? I have starter available to ship. Head to my shop to purchase.

If you loved this recipe, let me know! Tag me in your sourdough creations and keep following along for more.

Sourdough and cooking from scratch takes planning and doesn’t need to be overwhelming you can do it it!

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