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do you have a hankering to start a blog? Do you want tips and tricks from someone who has tried blogging before, quit blogging but NOW has it right and is seeing success in her blog after just a couple of months? Learn what not to do and what to do to see success in your blog? Let’s dive right in!

first things first.

YEARS ago I had a blog named I absolutely loved it and I loved the name BUT I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to set up WordPress. I didn’t know if or was better. I didn’t know about widgets and plug-ins and themes.

bottom line: I DIDN’T KNOW!

All I knew is that blogging looked fun. I wanted to share my knowledge and my passions. Lord willing, I wanted to make it a profitable business. But I gave up because I was frustrated.

(Sound familiar)

I took the deep dive again a few years ago using square space. Ughhhhhhh it was a disaster. I was told square space as user friendly and easy. Friend, don’t do it! I did muster along for a little while but I was so discouraged by the whole process. It just looked and felt unprofessional.

here’s where I got it RIGHT!

I FOUND A MENTOR! And by this I mean, I took the leap of faith and invested in a blog course. But not just any blog course. Did you know Farmhouse on Boone has a course? That’s right! I saw Lisa from showing how a blog can be monetized, professional and showing the steps to do it right!


from the first moment I opened the create your dream blog course, I knew I had made the right decision! Lisa, truly is an expert and a fantastic mentor.

step by step, building your blog is broken down. Lisa shares her tips and tricks to building, staying motivated and creating content, multiple ways to monetize.

what blogging isn’t?

blogging isn’t an overnight success. Blogging takes time and patience and it’s a long term strategy. BUT you can start monetizing right away with a few key principles:

be an affiliate for companies and start sharing through your blog and through your social media. You can see a running list of my affiliate links and discount codes on my ABOUT ME page

Collaborations: work with companies to share about their products BUT be wise, don’t just work with any and all companies. Align yourself with companies who fit your community needs and this will go far for you. If my ideal client is someone interested in gardening and living a holistic life, I’m. It going to work with a highly toxic makeup company. It won’t work. But if I worked with MI Gardners, this collaboration meets the need for my community. See the difference?

I’m not going to share all the juicy secrets because you need the course in your life if you want to be successful. These are just two avenues to how I’ve started to monetize The Flouring Home after just a few months.

BLOGGING TIP: write what you know! Write what you’re passionate about. Write about your experiences, what to do or not to do (like this exact blog post, learn from my previous blogging mistakes).

KEY steps to creating a blog:

  1. Invest in Lisa’s Course
  2. sign up for a account
  3. buy a theme, I really love mine from restored316
  4. select a host site, again I love bigscoots
  5. choose your blog name (this is so fun!)
  6. deep dive into Lisa’s course

all in my initial investment is: The course is $250, is free, restored316 theme was $150, monthly hosting is $35. But there are other ways to save money like cheaper themes and different hosting options. Now, from someone who has tried before and failed, doing the free route will only get you so far. To truly be successful, I do feel that you need to invest in your blog to truly gain.

I am saving to invest in a new laptop and a blogging camera. I currently use my iPad and iPhone.

Lisa has created two different courses and one ultimate bundle:

create your dream blog course

YouTube Success Academy

Ultimate bundle: YouTube Success Academy and CYDB

you cannot go wrong with having Lisa as your mentor! I’m just a few months into my blog, I’ve already paid for my course with having my blog monetized and I would say I’m already successful! I’m earning, building, and growing!

happy blogging,


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